Anne Huybrechts

Responsible for Digital Art support in Brussels-Wallonia Federation

Anne Huybrechts  is responsible for Digital Art support in Brussels-Wallonia Federation since 2000, she has previously worked for radiophonic creation, still in the Ministry.

She assists the board of experts assessing the requests for grants and advises the artists before and after the support.  Complementary to this financial aspect, Anne also organises professional meetings and catalogs of supported artworks.  

Anne has also initiated some exhibition of the digital artists of the Brussels-Wallonia Federation, eg at the BIAN in Montreal (2014), and Ars Electronica (2014) and Transmediale (2019). 

She keeps hersel informed of the trends and evolution of digital art sector and goes therefore to national and international digital art festivals.  This knowledge is really useful to provide relevant advices to artists for example for exhibition venues related to their kind of work.