Saloon Brussels #10 – REBOND online special edition

Forced by the constraints and limitations imposed by the COVID-19 situation in Belgium, Saloon Brussels’10th event took place in the form of an online gathering tackling the topic of… rebound! 

Inviting Saloon Brussels members to share their stories and experiences with cancelled or indefinitely postponed projects, we focused on the “and then what?” side. 

Starting from the experiences of Saloon member Valentine Siboni cancelled exhibition “NARRATION.S” and Saloon Brussels co-founder Juliette Bibasse cancelled exhibition at STRP festival, we raised questions to better understand the situation and, mostly, to look at what’s ahead.

How do artists and curators in the network have responded and reacted to these situations? How to rebound and find creative alternatives? What can we learn from facing these obstacles, and how can we turn a negative situation into a positive perspective for the future?