Pepa Ivanova


Pepa Ivanova is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Brussels. She is a HISK, Ghent Laureate from 2017 and holds an Advanced Master in Arts from LUCA, Brussels and MA in Sculpture at the Royal Academy, Antwerp, she studied Porcelain and Glass design in the National Art Academy, Sofia.
Her recent works question the epistemological values of numeric languages and their scientific and art translations. Fascinated by temporality she constructs decaying installations, composes, light and sound experiences, and physical scenarios to interact with.
Pepa’s current research on the light on earth is supported by KIKK, Namur and funded by Wallonie Government, Belgium and is part of the objectives of her PhD in LUCA, Ghent/ KULeuven with focus on autopoetics of observational data.