Myriam Louyest

Artist and curator

Myriam Louyest is an artist captivated by transparency – a theme that she explores through glass, resin, water etc. The forms, colours, reflections and movement of the translucent material and the light which flows through it, set out in volumes, assemblages and installations, are regularly called upon by the artist to establish a dialogue with the venue and create a symbolic or formal resonance, such as in the old swimming pool in Mouscron (2014), the Fauquez glassworks (Caviart 2009) or the Bois du Casier (2016). 
This dialogue is one of the major focal points of the artist’s work, and she has not hesitated to use her glass and epoxy resin in the chapel of Enghien Park (“Miroirs”, 2016) or to associate them with the famous “Communiante” by Tamara de Lempicka (“Nage libre”, Mons 2017) – thereby creating a transgressive and mysterious relationship. For a few weeks in 2018, the Maison Losseau in Mons offered an emotive journey between organic wreaths, ironwork and Art Nouveau marquetry, illuminated by the light of her works in glass, resin and stunning projections.
When she discovered the Brussels Archives in 2010, the artist was immediately struck by the magic and poetry of the location. Cut fragments, spun yarns, glass, veils or papers, the creations that she laid out on old counters, in cloth cabinets now assigned to the classification of documents, or along the monumental stairwell leading to the central canopy, evoke and suggest “Quelque chose du temps, du temps où l’on ne sera plus jamais”1 (Something of the past, a past to which we can never return). In the era of the cloud and digital immateriality, these interventions confront us with the materiality of the archive as a personal or collective bond with the past. It also reminds that this building holds countless memories for the inhabitants of Brussels.
The symbolic force and formal beauty of Myriam Louyest’s works thereby embrace the more exhilarating aspect of contemporary design – an art from outside, showcased in everyday locations and unexpected places, which frees itself from its traditional confinement.
Myriam Louyest has also been the initiator and curator/organiser of “Miroirs”, the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Enghien (2016-2018), and the curator of “Who are you?” at the Maison des Arts in Schaerbeek (2019).
1 « Les années », Annie Ernaux, Gallimard