Marilyne Grimmer


Marilyne Grimmer lives and works in Brussels.
She first studied illustration at Kingston university (UK), then fine arts at Ensba (school of fine arts of Paris, FR). In 2008, she moved in Brussels, and worked mainly as a scenographer for theatre.
Since 2020 (when covid started), she felt the need to go out of the black box and meet people outside of the artistic context. She now develops her personal projects which are linked to diverse communities. She likes to listen and collect ordinary stories and anecdotes. Often intimate stories put together tell a lot about the larger story/history. Her projects are a way to highlight people who are often invisible and for that she uses public space as an exhibition space. Getting out of conventional spaces allows for encounters and surprises by reaching audiences that do not have easy access to culture.
Her interventions are often very playful: together with the participants, they put on a scene, disguise themselves, transform a memory, these are devices that activate imagination.
She mainly uses photography as a tool to communicate with diverse audiences but not only, depending on the context and the project, it can also be clay, sculpture, drawing, installation etc.