Sarah Lorenzo


Sarah Lorenzo is a French multidisciplinary artist born in 1990.  Originally coming from applied arts, she first started to make ceramics while she was studying interior design at ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels.  
During the last year of her master degree, she ended up creating several plates collections as a medium to illustrate her research about sentimental and narrative value of everyday life objects. 
In 2014, she first exhibited the mains pieces of this project in Tremplin at Anciens abattoirs of Mons where she got the Materio Price, then in 2015 during Mons European Capital of Culture.
The followings years, she began questioning her status as a designer and its responsibility to create lasting and sustainable objects. She dedicated herself to ceramic using the space of plates as a playground to tell stories. It quickly turned into landscapes sculptures getting higher out of plates, as reminiscences of her travels. 
Reaching the limits of plates led her to paper, back to her first love for drawing. Mountains merged into bodies. Over years, she collected and took pictures that she recently included in her work as collages, collaborating with a photographer to use her own body as a model. She recently discovered the skin as a new playground to develop her research about the intimate body/landscape relationship through tattoo.