Griet Dobbels


Griet Dobbels (B. 1964, Nazareth, Belgium) is a visual artist. After graduating from The Royal College of Art in London in 1996, she embarked upon her international career. 

The idea of the line is a constant in her work. She strives to make invisible lines in the landscape visible again: the contour line, the coastline, the front line or the line of a border. She uses a wide variety of media: drawings, video installations, sculptures and happenings. Dobbels’ work is about grandeur and nullity, transience and timelessness, nature and culture, beauty and horror, chaos and control. 

Griet Dobbels exhibits at home and abroad and has undertaken a range of remarkable residencies, most recently at the Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto (2017-2018). She exhibits her work in museums and art centres, in the public space and also through various private initiatives. She is currently working on a new Straight Line Attempt in the Middle East.