Camilla Colombo

Curator and projects manager

With one foot in producing performative arts and one in European cultural policy, Camilla worked in Italy, UK, Chile and Belgium. Always interested in hybridization and crossing of disciplines, Camilla worked for art organisations of all sizes focusing on multidisciplinary and multimedia theatre productions and project management. She has worked with international directors such as Andrée Ruth Shammah, Robert Wilson and Ramin Gray, among others.

Since 2016 she is based in Brussels where she is working in cultural policy and advocacy for the arts, and where, with a group of engineers, she co-founded Ohme, a collective curating and producing educational and artistic content at the nexus between arts and sciences. She is also co-founder of culture Solutions, an independent non-for-profit, bottom-up social innovation group contributing to the excellence of EU international cultural relations policies.

Whether busy on a new art project or in a policy panel discussion, Camilla is always on the lookout for unexplored approaches to tie art, knowledge and aesthetics into intelligent and unexpected experiences.